Pantheon of Premora

The gods of Premora are supernatural beings of immense power and knowledge. They are not completely omniscient but they hear all prayers spoken by their followers at any time. The gods follow a loose hierarchy based on what ideas they are in charge of maintaining on Premora.

The Cycle

Pelor, the Creator. Neutral Good.
Pelor is responsible for the creation of the universe. He is the former husband of the Raven Queen who he created the rest of the gods with. Goddess of Love and Fertility, Eryna is his current lover. Pelor is praised when new life is born and when good things happen.

The Raven Queen, Queen of the Underworld. Lawful Neutral.
The Raven Queen is the reason for death and entropy. She is the other half of her former husband Pelor, the Creator. She is the keeper of the afterlife and sends her reapers to collect souls whose time has come. The Raven Queen is praised at every funeral for safe passage to the afterlife.

The Foundations

Melora, the Watcher of the Woods. Neutral.
Melora is keeper of the natural world. She is the twin sister of Kord, the Tempest. Known as the watcher, she is created the natural order of the world itself as well as the plant and animal life within it. She is praised by druids and is the primary deity of the Sealgari wood elves.

Kord, the Tempest. Chaotic Neutral.
Kord controls the weather of the world of Premora. He is the twin brother of Melora, the Watcher of the Woods. He is the embodiment of change and it is he who shapes the world with his children Abella and Yuie, using the sea and wind. He is praised by any who hope for good weather and change.

Erathis, The Keeper of Knowledge. Lawful Neutral.
Erathis is the Keeper of the sacred Book of Time. He chronicles the history of the universe and is the only truly omniscient god. He has the ability to bend time and space and exists between the dimensions. He cannot see the future and his ability to control time only allows him to travel from his present to his past, and never forward from his origin. His praised by scholars, historians, and general seekers of knowledge.

Corellan, The Guardian. Lawful Good.
Corellan is the Guardian of all sentient life that follows the Light. He created Bane during the Fall by splitting himself in two. When the Raven’s Queen wrath came to Premora, he spread himself across the world protecting small pockets of human life, thus earning the moniker of the Guardian. He is the primary deity of the Gortsan Dwarves and paladins who fight against the dark forces of the world.

The Earth


Pantheon of Premora

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